Ô Saine Terre provide you a diversified vegetables and fruits basket collected directly from the farm and we become partners over the season. Our farm is organic certified by Écocert Canada. The network of familly farmers Équiterre helps directly all the Quebec organic local growers.

Our Project

Community Supported Agriculture

Family Farmers Network

Equiterre’s family farmers are up-and-coming young farmers, or family-run farms, or professionals who have changed careers… but they’re all passionate about what they do! They share a passion for feeding their fellow citizens well and building trust-based relationships. They were selected by Équiterre and a committee of farmers, so you can subscribe in full confidence.

Organic Baskets

Ô Saine Terre, develops a natural agriculture that reduces the pressure on the environment.
Organic agriculture means the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides are prohibited.
Our products are certified organic by Ecocert Canada.
We grow 50 types of fruits, vegetables and herbs that we prepare in different ways to enhance the flavor of your plates.


Every week, during the summer, you will pick up a basket of freshly picked fruits and vegetables.
They are different from those in groceries, because we cultivate ancestral varieties, preserved for their flavors and their vigor.
For more information on delivery locations, products that may be present and basket costs, visit the baskets.
In addition, if you are interested in buying our products during the season, several markets are held.
Come and meet us at one of our different market days!

Family farmer

Benoît Duval and Marie-Ève Monfils are graduates in organic farming.
Our lands are located in the heart of Lanaudière, L'Assomption, less than 35 km north of Montreal.
This project aims at preserving Quebec's agricultural heritage and offering fresh food on our plates, derived from the region's biodiversity.